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September 18, 2014•••

Gummi worms are incredibly popular, so I’m not sure why my line of gummi chiggers didn’t take off.


August 30, 2014•••

A woman is suing McDonalds because she bit into a Big Mac and found a Starbucks.


August 28, 2014•••

I hope I never discover a genie when I’m really hungry, tired, or unhappy with my cell phone reception.


August 27, 2014•••

I just got waylaid in Malay by Pele.


August 26, 2014•••

So liberating - just threw car keys into ocean. Glad they weren’t my car keys.


August 25, 2014•••

Sweating like crazy. May have to switch to men’s deodorant


August 24, 2014•••

Just taught my kids about the current U.S. Congress by taking their ball, going home, and crying.


August 23, 2014•••

I think the ice bucket challenge caused some permanent shrinkage.


August 19, 2014•••

“Am I Groot?” (Groot having an identity crisis)


August 17, 2014•••

August 15, 2014•••

February 10, 2014•••

December 31, 2013•••

December 21, 2013•••

#CONAN GIF: Conan O’Brien offers Jared Leto his coat. 

#CONAN GIF: Conan O’Brien offers Jared Leto his coat. 

October 17, 2013•••